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Rebar Accessories

Rebar Bar Support Product Handbook  – Dayton Superior 

Rebar Accessories from Richform Construction Supply: Quick and easy to install, Bar Lock requires no special installation equipment. The high strength couplers are excellent for new concrete construction or rehab projects. The Bar Lock coupler system provides a cost effective method for splicing smooth or deformed rebar in tension and/or compression applications.

The Dayton Superior Bar Lock Coupler System provides a simple, quick, cost effective method for splicing smooth or deformed rebar in tension and/ or compression applications. Bar Lock couplers are effective when used as a “positional” coupler when the rebar is fixed in place or when the rebar is free to rotate. Bar Lock couplers utilize lock- shear bolts and serrated grip rails to mechanically splice it. The serrated grip rails are embedded in the rebar as the lock-shear bolts are tightened. The heads of the lock-shear bolts are designed to shear off at a prescribed torque to ensure proper installation.

Download: http://www.daytonsuperior.com/Artifacts/DS_Bar_Support_HB.pdf

Rebar Lock Repair Coupler  –  Dayton Superior

Download: http://www.daytonsuperior.com/Artifacts/DS_Bar-Lock_HB.pdf

Steel reinforced concrete is integral to shaping our skylines and roadways. Richform Construction Supply partners with Dayton Superior  to help make that happen. From fabricators large enough to run their own minimills to local fab shops, we are dedicated to providing the products, services, and dependable delivery necessary to help rodbusters get-and-keep everything connected.



Mateenbar(tm) is formulated and manufactured to the edge of the theoretical
limits of the glass and resins from which it is made.

Mateenbar(tm) is made from corrosion resistant E-CR glass
and an epoxy backboned resin matrix making it highly durable in the most
corrosive environments.

All Mateen FRP is manufactured to the highest quality standards
under ISO 9001.

Corrosion Resistance
*     bridge deck and railing concrete reinforcement through AASHTO.
*     waste water treatment plants
*     architectural precast (prevent rust stains)
*     reinforce old masonry buildings
*     seawall reinforcement
*     flood control dike reinforcement
*     water or soil submerged concrete structures
*     continuously reinforced concrete pavement (CRCP)
*     slab on grade and concrete wall reinforcement in:
*     highly corrosive environments
*     gas and oil pipeline pads
*     chemical processing plants

High Voltage | Electromagnetic Sensitive Areas
*     aluminum smelter concrete reinforcement
*     slab on grade and concrete wall reinforcement in:
*     electrical utility pads
*     electrical trolly lines
*     gas and oil pipeline pads – to protect from stray current
*     wind turbine pads
*     MRI facilities
*     transformer SVC pads

Temporary Installations
*    soft-eye openings for TBM launch and reception boxes – slurry walls and cassions

Thermal Bridging
*     Concrete tilt up sandwich panel connectors

Elevation Control by Mako

Download: http://www.richformconstructionsupplycompany.com/Maco.pdf

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